Virtual Roadshows

To introduce your students to the writing center, we offer brief presentations called "roadshows" available in the formats below.

Invite a tutor to your synchronous class meeting

If your course meets synchronously, we can schedule a tutor to join your class meeting on Zoom, Webex, or Collaborate Ultra to deliver a "roadshow" that describes the Writing Center's services and resources as well as how to make an appointment.   

request roadshow


Embed or show our video in your online course

An alternative to inviting a tutor to join your class is to embed or screen this video (3:37), which describes the Writing Center and its services and shows students how to register and make an appointment.

If you are teaching a graduate course, consider linking to our graduate services video (3:22), which describes the Writing Center's services for graduate students.

If you want a video that focuses only on the process for making an appointment (with no description of services), use this shorter version (1:34).

Find instructions for linking to and embedding videos in your Blackboard course here.