ESOL Graduate Peer Feedback Groups

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Academic authors know how important it is to receive feedback on their writing before submitting a paper for a course or publication. This feedback is especially important at the graduate and post-graduate levels. To provide multilingual graduate students and visiting scholars with a chance to receive feedback and discuss their work, the Writing Center offers a free service, ESOL Graduate Peer Feedback Groups, facilitated by the Writing Center ESOL specialist. 

Who is eligible to participate?

Current GMU graduate students and post-graduate/visiting scholars whose first language is not English.

How does a Peer Feedback Group (PFG) work?

Once a week, a group of 4-6 graduate writers from similar or diverse disciplines meet for an hour in person or on Zoom to provide feedback on one member’s draft. Group members share their drafts electronically and prepare their questions and feedback in advance, reserving at least one hour for preparation before meetings. Group members comment on all aspects of writing ranging from idea clarity and organization to word choice and grammar. The discussion is facilitated by the Writing Center ESOL specialist.

What are some benefits of joining a peer feedback group?

  • Members improve their writing skills not only by receiving feedback, but also by providing comments on other writers’ work, which involves critical thinking.
  • Many members appreciate an opportunity to verbally discuss their research, thus improving their speaking skills.
  • Since members have to prepare their writing for the group meetings, they are kept accountable in their progress and are more successful in overcoming procrastination.
  • Because writers know that they will receive feedback from peers, they are more thoughtful and careful when working on their papers.

Apply here to join a Graduate Peer Feedback Group. This Summer, groups will meet every week between June 5th and August 9th.

The application deadline is Thursday, May 25th, 2023 at 11:59pm.

Alternatively, you may form your own group of 4-6 members and email the Writing Center ESL Specialist, Dr. Idée Edalatishams (, who will be glad to facilitate your group.

For questions, contact the Writing Center ESL Specialist, Dr. Idée Edalatishams, at