Video Tutoring

Video Tutoring

Our Online Writing Lab offers video tutoring that allows you to receive real-time tutoring at a distance. You and your tutor can converse and see one another, and you'll share your screen, so you can both view and work on your draft in real time. As with face-to-face appointments, video tutorials begin on the half hour and are 45 minutes long, including time spent on technology set-up.

To take advantage of video tutoring, you'll need a quiet place where your talking won't disturb others, a computer running a recent version of Windows or Mac OS, and a mic, a webcam, speakers, and a fast, reliable internet connection. 


  • Processor: Dual core 2 Ghz (or more) 
  • Browsers: Explorer 7+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari 5+
  • Webcam, mic, and speakers (built-in or USB plug-in)
  • A high speed internet connection


  • Processor: Dual core 2 Ghz (or more)
  • Browsers: Safari 5+, Firefox, Chrome
  • Webcam, mic, and speakers (built-in or USB plug-in)
  • A high speed internet connection

Before your appointment

  • Watch our video instructions (3 minutes), which show you how to prepare for and join a video tutorial.
  • Please make sure your microphone and speakers or headphones are set up and working.
  • Open your professor’s prompt and the paper you wish to discuss.
  • About five minutes prior to the start of your appointment, your tutor will email you with all the information needed to join the online session they have set up.

Troubleshooting videos

Troubleshooting tech problems on a PC (2 min.)
Troublshooting tech problems on a Mac (2 min.)

A Few Policies

  1. Your tutor will wait for 10 minutes for you to join the session. If you do not join the session by then, the tutor will terminate the session and mark the appointment as a no-show. After 2 no show appointments, you will not be able to make further appointments for the rest of the semester, and your existing appointments will be canceled.
  2. We require writers to use a computer or a tablet with a keyboard for video tutorials. 
  3. For video tutorials, we require writers to use the video feature of the software. 
  4. Video conferences cannot be converted to email tutoring appointments. If the technology does not work, writers will need to make another appointment for tutoring.