Support for Writers with Disabilities

Support for Writers with Disabilities

The Disability Services Opt-In program was created to improve access to tutoring for students registered with Disability Services. It allows students in the program to make weekly recurring appointments without having to use our online scheduling system.

Benefits of the Opt-In Program:

  • Continuity: Students meet with the same tutor each week. This arrangement enables both the student and the tutor to build on what they have worked on in previous sessions.
  • Ease of scheduling: Writers do not need to make their own appointments; rather, the appointments are made for them at the beginning of the semester. However, writers are responsible for keeping their own appointments.

How it works

Students admitted to the program determine a regular day and time to meet with their tutor. The Disability Services Opt-In Coordinator sets up the appointments at the beginning of the semester to ensure that the student is able to meet with the same tutor throughout the term. We are happy to admit students to the program up to mid-term, or as long as the tutoring schedule allows for consistent booking of an Opt-In tutor.

How to apply

To apply for the Disability Services Opt-In Program, email to schedule a brief consultation with our Disability Services Opt-In Program Coordinator. During the consultation, you will review the Opt-In Program policies together. If the Disability Services Opt-In Program is a good fit for your goals, the Coordinator will set up your recurring weekly appointments.

Writers registered with Disability Services who do not join the Opt-In program are welcome to make their own appointments using our online scheduler.

If you have questions, please contact us at