Apply to Become a Tutor

Apply to become a tutor 2

The Writing Center is staffed by an accomplished group of undergraduate and graduate student tutors. Graduate tutors are Graduate Teaching Assistants in the English MA and MFA programs; undergraduate ("peer") tutors come from majors across the university and may apply directly to tutor in the Writing Center.

Peer tutors in their first semester of tutoring register for one credit of CHSS 390, a course that teaches theories and practice of writing, learning, and tutoring. In the fall, CHSS 390 is offered in one intensive week before the term begins. In the spring, course meetings take place once a week, and students begin tutoring about half-way through the semester. 

Because peer tutors work with writers in disciplines across the university, they should have the following qualifications:

  • a grade of “A” or proficiency credit in Honors 110 or English 302
  • 60 completed credit hours
  • an overall GPA of at least 3.0
  • an overall GPA of at least 3.5 in their major

Peer tutors are selected through a competitive process that includes faculty recommendations and an interview. Interested students may apply directly or ask a faculty member in an English or Writing-Intensive course to recommend them.

To apply directly to be a peer tutor, students should provide a resume, a brief statement explaining why they want to tutor writing; two faculty recommendations that address writing ability, interpersonal skills, and reliability; and two writing samples. If possible, the samples should be from different disciplines, and at least one should use and incorporate sources. Faculty recommendations may be sent directly to the Writing Center director Susan Lawrence at

To begin tutoring in the spring term, students should send applications by November 15 of the preceding semester. To begin tutoring in the fall, students should send applications by April 15 of the preceding semester. All applications should be addressed to the Writing Center director at

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