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Longman’s Dictionary of American English
Azar’s Understanding and Using English Grammar

Web Resources

  • The Writer’s Roosts: University of KansasThis page covers a wide-ranging list of topics that concern writers, including resume and letter writing. This page also has links to more ESL specific resources, including the University of Kansas ESL page and the Purdue Collection. The ESL portion of The Writer’s Roosts also has links to a compilation of grammar lists, which have several grammatical terms and their explanations.

  • Gallaudet UniversityThis page has a wealth of information on all aspects of reading and writing. It includes strategies on everything from writing a paper to taking a test to memorizing vocabulary words. In addition, the practice exercises provide immediate feedback with in-depth explanations. Not only does the link explain why a certain answer is correct, it explains why other selections would be inappropriate.

  • University of Illinois, Urbana-ChampaignThis page has several educational links for ESL students. Students have the option of using interactive listening comprehension exercises or using primary texts (recordings from NPR and ABC broadcasts). ESL students also have the option of contributing their own writings or reading works submitted by their peers. In addition, this site has links to different types of primary sources on the web.

  • Dave’s ESL Café. This page is an excellent source for both students and teachers of ESL. It provides different forums for students to practice their language skills by conversing with other students on topics ranging from health to movies by responding to each other’s postings. There are a variety of exercises that provide immediate feedback; the topics range from idioms and their usage to phrasal verbs. This page provides resources for ESL teachers, as well. The site has a teachers’ forum offering different teaching exercises, suggestions, and conversations.

  • The Internet TESL Journal: This page offers ESL students the opportunity to practice their language skills through a wide range of activities, including games and quizzes, on such topics as grammar, vocabulary, and idioms. Many of the activities are organized according to proficiency level. It also features bilingual quizzes in over 20 languages and links to many other ESL resources available on the Internet.

  • ESL Resources for Students - Purdue: This page has links to many useful resources available to ESL students on the Internet. These resources include: free on-line courses, ESL software, and on-line conversation groups. This page also has a variety of grammar-related handouts and exercises.

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