The Tutors

Our tutors are accomplished graduate and undergraduate Mason students. Our graduate tutors and undergraduate tutors are talented writers and scholars who come from majors across the university.


Amanda is a first year MFA candidate studying Creative Nonfiction. She holds a BA in English Creative Writing with a minor in Spanish and a BA in Liberal Arts from Texas Tech University, which is where she grew up. Moving to Fairfax and George Mason has been an exciting journey so far, and she can’t wait to share that as a tutor. While her concentration is in English, Amanda has experience with many types of writing and is more than happy to work with writers across all disciplines. Outside of academics, she enjoys exploring everything there is to see in the area, reading, and cuddling with her cat, Gus. When she grows up, Amanda wants to be a teacher and is excited to help however she can.


Camille is a junior studying Global Affairs with a concentration in Media, Communications, and Culture. Their most interesting achievement during their undergraduate journey was teaching two guest lectures on cultural appropriation. Although they always had a love of literature, boredom drove them to write imaginative poems when they needed a break from academics. They spent most of their life in northern Virginia, save for one wild, enlightening year in Tennessee. Camille has a passion for teaching and social justice and one day hopes to advocate for prisoners’ rights and undocumented workers’ rights. When they aren’t on campus, they spend time cuddling their three dogs, reading horror mangas, and dreaming about starting a sanctuary for farm animals.


Casey is a second-year Creative Nonfiction MFA candidate. She grew up around Baltimore and studied English (with a concentration in creative writing) at Goucher College before completing a Master of Arts in Teaching and a Master of Science in Professional Writing at Towson University. She ran her own tutoring business in Baltimore for the past four years and has a passion for working with students with diverse educational backgrounds and learning styles. She believes that tutoring offers a unique opportunity for students to clarify their own ideas and solidify concepts from within and beyond the classroom. Casey recently moved to Northern Virginia with her English Springer Spaniel, Winston Woolf Churchill; the two hope to continue competing in agility competitions. 


Elsie is a second-year Master’s candidate in French and Spanish. She received a BA in European Studies and Music from Allegheny College, and she wrote her multilingual bachelor’s thesis about literary fairy tales in Europe. Her main Spanish-language expertise lies in research, analytical essays, and translation. She enjoys working with students from all kinds of linguistic backgrounds, and she finds code switching and translanguaging absolutely fascinating. The love of her life is chamber music, and she spends her free time in nature, between the pages of a good book, or in front of a work of art - always with a cup of tea.

Elsie hace el segundo año de su maestría en francés y español. Obtuvo su BA en Estudios Europeos y música de Allegheny College, donde escribió su tesis multilingüe sobre el desarrollo de los cuentos de hadas literarios en Europa. Tiene experiencia principalmente con hacer investigaciones y escribir ensayos analíticos y traducciones en español. Le encanta trabajar con escritores de muchas herencias lingüísticas diferentes, y le fascinan el cambio de códigos ytranslanguaging. El amor de su vida es la música de cámara, y pasa la mayoría de su tiempo libre explorando la naturaleza, leyendo un buen libro, o creando una obra de arte - siempre con una taza de té. 


Emma is a veteran tutor and an English MA graduate student, concentrating in Linguistics. Having lived in diverse NoVa all her life, she has always been fascinated with foreign languages, especially Japanese. In the past, she volunteered for the National Cherry Blossom Festival, studied abroad in Japan (where she also climbed Mt. Fuji), and worked for the Virginia Governor's Japanese Academy. Emma has taken a wide variety of courses at Mason, from Romantic Poetry to Global Affairs, and has worked with almost every kind of student. She is a conversational tutor, willing to collaborate with you at any stage of the writing process. In her spare time, Emma tutors K-12 English, writes her own fictional stories, crafts languages, and plays D&D.


Erin is a first-year graduate student in the English MA program. She received her BA in English from VCU with a minor in Italian Studies. She has spent the last two years teaching English as a foreign language in Tokyo, Japan as a member of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program. As someone who recently returned to the US, Erin is excited to assist international students in navigating GMU’s academic culture. Erin is passionate about the role of writing centers in combatting systemic oppression and hopes to work collaboratively with writers across the disciplines so that they may reach their academic goals while still preserving their right to individuality and authentic expression.


Eunice, a graduate teaching assistant at the writing center, is a first- year MA student in English Literature at George Mason University. She earned a BA in English from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is proficient in conversational Korean and strives to earn her PhD and earn her pancake hat at graduation. In her free time, she loves vintage shopping, white tulips, and ALOT of coffee. When she isn't drowning in coffee, she spends a lot of time with her dog. She values the chance to work with students, especially the GMU community, to help them with their writing goals!


Farheen is a junior majoring in Information Technology and minoring in English. Although she was born in India, she spent her childhood years in the sunflower state of Kansas. Between observing tornado warnings and watching The Wizard of Oz an unnatural number of times, she began to develop a keen interest in reading and writing. She took this passion with her when she moved to NoVa in her early teens and to this day enjoys consuming and analyzing all types of literature, as well as writing some of her own short stories. Farheen has spent many years tutoring young native speakers and multilingual students in English and is now thankful to use this expertise to work with her peers at George Mason University. Growing up in a bilingual household, she has firsthand experience with the struggles of the English acquisition process and has great respect for multilingual writers at the university level. She understands that writing is a constantly developing process and looks forward to collaborating with students in all the various stages of their work.


Ian is a first year MFA student at GMU studying poetry. He majored in psychology at MCLA and minored in sociology and behavior analysis. Strengths of his are conceptualizing IMRaD reports, formulating argumentative and organizational strategies, employing a conversational attitude, and composing poetry. Ian is interested in assisting with the publication process of both creative and academic work, believing that publishing is a daunting but necessary stepping-stone for a career in academics. Ian’s philosophy of tutoring is to engage the student in ways that promote collaboration and that help forge cognitive pathways to further learning. Ian believes that it’s vital for the writing center to instill positive compositional practices, and that doing so means to help create more successful, self-sufficient writers.


Jace is a first year MFA candidate studying Poetry. He received his BS in English from Utah State University where he also minored in Business. While at USU, Jace worked for the University’s radio station where he wrote and directed a radio theatre sit-com. Jace is an avid disc golfer, which has given him the opportunity to travel around the country for disc golf tournaments. Before moving to Fairfax to pursue his MFA, he spent the last 3 years working for Infinite Discs, an online disc golf retailer. During this time, he wrote for the company blog which gave him some experience working in electronic media. Jace enjoys all types of writing and looks forward to working with writers at George Mason University.


Jenna is a third-year Creative Nonfiction MFA candidate. She was born in Germany and lived in Europe until she moved to Annapolis, Maryland at sixteen. She empathizes with students making the transition to life in the United States, and she especially enjoys collaborating with multilingual writers. At Towson University, she majored in English and minored in German. She also has a background working with young adults on the Autism Spectrum and advocating for students with disabilities. Jenna thinks tutoring is an opportunity to build confidence in writers by highlighting their strengths and making detailed plans for revision. 


Jenny is a first year MFA candidate in Fiction. She graduated from Oberlin College with a degree in Neuroscience, and worked as a researcher studying neural circuits relating to depression before coming to Mason. She also has a background in literature, both in an academic setting, and as a reader for a literary magazine, and is comfortable working with writers from a wide range of disciplines. As a tutor she aims to create a space that is low-stress and supportive, where the writer and tutor can learn together as peers.


Jihoon is a first-year MFA candidate studying fiction. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Cognitive Science and a minor in Creative Writing. After graduating he worked as a copywriter in the tech industry before becoming a middle school English teacher. He was born in Korea and moved to the United States as a child. As a tutor, Jihoon is always excited to tackle a challenge. He loves to think outside of the box and work closely with students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. He hopes to help students reach their full potential as writers. He hates cucumbers. He has not eaten one since probably around 2011.


Julie is a senior majoring in English with a concentration in literature and minoring in Environmental Science and Religious Studies. With a multidisciplinary background, she is happy to engage with writers coming from any field and wants to support them in meeting their academic goals through their writing. She grew up in a bilingual household and enjoys learning other languages, such as Vietnamese, ASL, and Latin. Through her language experiences, she empathizes with and wants to listen to the various student voices across the university and wishes to instill confidence with the English language in writers she will be collaborating with. She is also a senior editor for GMU Student Media’s literary magazine, The Forge, so she hopes to help writers with their creative writing goals as well. Outside of academia, she enjoys composing poetry, writing short stories, drawing, playing PC and mobile games, and spending time with her pet cat, Suri.


At 3 degrees and counting, Kate is a career collegiate who enjoys being on both sides of the classroom. She just finished her Master's in Film Studies and is now working toward her MFA in Poetry here at George Mason. During her Master’s, she taught for a year and grew to enjoy challenging students in the classroom and discussing their interests and passions. Her favorite thing about teaching was creating conversations with students and is excited to now have a whole new set of writers to talk to, as well as new papers to take a look at. In her spare time, she likes to catch up on all the movies she missed while talking about them for her degree, like crying over Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and spreading the gospel ofGhost Dog.


Kevin’s career up to this point has been… well… diverse. He studied Psychology and International Studies at the University of Michigan, where he wrote papers in a variety of disciplines. Since graduating, he’s worked as an English as a second language (ESL) teacher in Turkey, a technology consultant, and a marketing copywriter, among other things. These days, Kevin is a first-year fiction MFA candidate. When he’s not hitting his head on low-hanging light fixtures (he’s 6’4”), he enjoys learning about other cultures and languages. He’s conversational (but rusty) in Turkish and French, and él puede hablar un poco de español.


Leah is a first year Creative Writing MFA candidate in Fiction. She holds a BA in English and Drama from the University of Virginia and a specialized MBA from the George Washington University School of Business. At GW, she was a graduate assistant and tutored multilingual students in composition. She is experienced in writing and editing original research and articles for peer-reviewed journals. Leah also spent 8 years in nonprofit and higher education administration, where she enjoyed managing internship programs and working as a speechwriter. She is passionate about helping writers communicate their own ideas and their own value more clearly, and is particularly fond of working with writers on resumes, cover letters, personal statements, and applications for scholarships and graduate or professional school. When she isn’t writing (and sometimes when she is), Leah enjoys baking cookies, visiting National Parks, and adventures both large and small.


Lena is a first-year MFA candidate in Creative Nonfiction. She was born in Oakland, California but attended college at Washington University in St. Louis, where she continued to learn to survive in extreme humidity for the past two years before moving to Virginia. She minored in English writing and double-majored in Spanish and Latin American Studies, which combined political studies, history, language, film and cultural studies, sociology, and anthropology. She’s passionate about research and completed an honor’s thesis after studying abroad in Argentina. She has prior experience tutoring students in all subjects and especially enjoys watching students gain confidence in their own voices. She loves cats, flowers, and coffee.


Madison is a senior undergraduate majoring in English with a double concentration in Creative Writing and Writing and Rhetoric. While they have a special interest in fiction and creative non-fiction, they also have a background in analytical, argumentative, and research-oriented writing. They were born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, where they spend their summers reading fantasy novels, paddle boarding, and volunteering at the local food bank. At George Mason, they’re an editor for the Volition Literary and Art Journal, which means they’re contractually obligated to invite anyone reading this to submit their original work and/or attend the journal’s next Open Mic Night.


Marlene is a first year MAIS student studying folklore. Having previously studied a variety of forms of creative writing at GMU while earning her BA in film (concentration in screenwriting) she has developed an appreciation of both highly structured writing forms as well as writing that intentionally subverts form. She considers herself a competitive writer, submitting to competitions, international film festivals, and publications. Marlene had been a non-traditional student as an undergraduate, having first enlisted in the U.S. Navy, and is not quick to assume what is typical of any student’s situation. She prefers to implement creative problem solving and flexibility in assisting others to achieve their own writing goals and values showcasing personality in original content. She also loves learning new things and welcomes the opportunity to work with students from all disciplines and backgrounds.


Phillip is currently a first-year MFA candidate. He graduated from Georgetown University many moons ago with a BA in English and Philosophy. While an undergraduate, Phillip studied abroad in Italy and enjoyed it so much he recently returned there for a month-long visit. His Italian was serviceable, and if he never sees another Madonna and Child, he’ll be just fine, thank you.

Shortly after undergrad he attended Cornell Law school and then toiled as an attorney for six years. As an attorney, Phillip was passionate about crafting effective arguments and, especially, mentoring younger lawyers, from varied academic backgrounds, and improving their legal writing. Phillip’s tutoring philosophy is grounded in flexibility, empathy, and respect for each writer he has the pleasure of meeting in the Writing Center.


Rachel is pursuing her MA in Linguistics and a Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language. She holds a BA in Cognitive Science from the University of Virginia, where she also minored in Russian and East European Studies. She loves traveling, meeting new people, and studying foreign languages. In college, she studied abroad in Siberia, and upon graduation, she moved to the UK, earned a CELTA, and became an instructor of English as a Second Language (ESL). She has taught students from across the globe, and she enjoys exploring the rich intricacies of the English language, breaking them down into ideas that can be communicated with multilingual students, and helping them make progress in their language acquisition. She believes all students can succeed in their writing goals given the right support. When not working or studying, she spends time with her family and two tiny terriers.


Rowan is a first year MFA in Creative Nonfiction candidate with a B.S. in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. They have biked from Florida to California, backpacked through the Himalayas, and been to no fewer than four Front Bottoms concerts. They believe their role as a writing center tutor is, above all else, to foster the independence of the writer through a collaborative learning process, regardless of discipline or stage of the writing process.

Sarah, Graduate Writing Coordinator

A PhD student in the Writing and Rhetoric program, Sarah has published on cognitive strategies for writing consultants, theorizing how mindfulness meditation might be used to optimize consultants' and writers' cognitive loads, and has also co-authored work examining student resistance in digital reflective writing. Her current research focuses on the connections between translingual pedagogy and anti-racist writing assessment. Sarah also teaches English Composition at Mason. She recently spent a year in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, where she taught English and Creative Writing to multilingual high school writers. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from American University, where she was a graduate fellow and interim assistant director in the writing center and taught English composition. Here, at the Mason Writing Center, she provides support for graduate writers working on thesis, dissertation, and academic projects and develops workshops for graduate writers. When she isn't reading, writing, or tutoring, she enjoys running on the Potomac and expanding the reaches of her dog's vocabulary.


Sehar is a junior undergraduate majoring in Government and International Politics with a minor in Legal Studies. Before deciding her major, she took classes in Biology, Psychology, Economics, Spanish, and English, giving her a multidisciplinary background in writing while also showing her what she didn't want to major in. Coming from a bilingual family and having taken Spanish composition courses, she understands the struggles of writing in another language and looks forward to work with GMU's diverse student body. As a tutor, she believes tutoring goes both ways and never leaves a session without learning something new and hopes you all feel the same!


Shabrayle is a first-year MFA graduate student, studying creative non-fiction. She grew up in Oklahoma and joined the Air Force as a linguist. As a part of her training, she spent a year learning a new language full time, so she knows what it’s like to be completely out of her depth. During her time in service, she earned a bachelors in Humanities with a concentration in languages and a minor in English. After that, she went on to get her Masters in Education from Marymount and taught high school English in Loudoun County. Her time as a teacher gave her the opportunity to engage with a population of students that reflected a variety of learning styles and needs. She looks forward to working with fellow writers to meet their goals, and she enjoys the process of individualizing approaches to address specific writers’ concerns. She currently lives in Fairfax and enjoys checking out new art museum exhibits and hiking with family and friends. She also enjoys making art and growing things.


Shane is a poetry MFA candidate here at Mason. After spending most of his life in Minnesota, he moved to Arizona to study English at ASU. He minored in Communication and was awarded a certificate in professional writing for his work in proposals and argumentative essays. Shane wants to help students understand that writing of any kind is a process. Just because you struggle, doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. Between undergrad and starting at Mason, Shane found himself as the go-to for friends writing cover letters and resumes. He’d be more than happy to look at yours and share some tips he’s learned along the way. When he isn’t scribbling down ideas for poems, he can be found at the local record store, playing air-drums and searching for an esoteric addition to his vinyl collection.


Simonne is a first-year MFA candidate studying poetry. She earned her BA at St. Mary’s College of Maryland where she majored in English and minored in African and African Diaspora Studies & Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. During her undergraduate career, Simonne took a variety of STEM courses including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and as such, has experience writing in those disciplines. She has volunteered with Paper Airplanes assisting non-native English speakers in improving their proficiency in the English language. As a tutor, she understands that writing is a process and recognizes that no two students will approach that process in the same way. In her free time, Simonne can often be found reading poetry or brushing up on ASL. 

Tanya, ESL Specialist

Tanya received her Master's degree in Applied Linguistics from Ohio University. During her graduate program, she tutored and taught academic writing to multilingual writers. Before coming to Ohio University, she had worked as a tutor and instructor of English as a Foreign Language in her home country Ukraine for seven years, helping students of different proficiency levels in English. Tanya's research focuses on lexical, grammatical, and stylistic features in second language writing, technology in language teaching, and English for Academic Purposes. In her free time, she enjoys doing yoga, exercising at a gym, and exploring the D.C. area.


Tim is a first-year MFA student focusing on fiction. Before coming to Mason, he earned his BA in English from Virginia Tech and went on to work for a trade magazine in both print and digital media. As a tutor, Tim believes in the power of revision, discussion, and collaboration to unlock each writer’s strongest ideas and their most precise meanings. Outside of the Writing Center, you’re likely to find him at a coffee shop with a drained paper cup and pages full of nonsense. When not playing with words, he runs (without something in pursuit, usually), explores the world with his wife, and gives his dog all the belly scratches he can.