The Tutors

Our tutors are accomplished graduate and undergraduate Mason students. Our graduate tutors and undergraduate tutors are talented writers and scholars who come from majors across the university.

Adam B.

Adam B. is a junior majoring in Geography, with a minor in Geographic Information Systems. Hailing from central Virginia, he’s still getting the lay of land in NoVA. So far in college, his major has been full of research assignments that have strengthened his ability to write. He’s worked with writers in various genres and enjoys helping people with the ins and outs of writing. He loves traveling and has visited quite a few countries such as France, Italy and Japan. When he’s not collecting data for maps or doing homework, he’s usually engrossed in his PlayStation 4.


Camille is a junior studying Global Affairs with a concentration in Media, Communications, and Culture. Their most interesting achievement during their undergraduate journey was teaching two guest lectures on cultural appropriation. Although they always had a love of literature, boredom drove them to write imaginative poems when they needed a break from academics. They spent most of their life in northern Virginia, save for one wild, enlightening year in Tennessee. Camille has a passion for teaching and social justice and one day hopes to advocate for prisoners’ rights and undocumented workers’ rights. When they aren’t on campus, they spend time cuddling their three dogs, reading horror mangas, and dreaming about starting a sanctuary for farm animals.


Daniel holds a BA in English with a concentration in Cultural Studies, and they are currently working on their MA in the same field. In addition to their MA, they are also working towards the Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies. Their academic work is largely focused on literary and media analyses and interdisciplinary research papers with an emphasis on issues of representation in the media. In both their personal and academic life, they hold a deep commitment to issues of social justice and equity. Prior to coming to the Writing Center, Daniel has worked as a teaching assistant for autistic students for Prince William County Public Schools, a writing tutor for Northern Virginia Community College, and a graduate teaching assistant for writing-intensive courses here at George Mason University.


Emma is an avid student of English and Linguistics. She’s always been fascinated by foreign languages, especially Japanese. She was an RA at the Virginia Japanese Governor’s School, and studied abroad in Japan, where she also climbed Mt. Fuji! Emma has taken a wide variety of courses at George Mason, and worked with almost every kind of student at the Writing Center. She is a conversational tutor, willing to collaborate with you at any step of the writing process. In her spare time, Emma writes her own fiction, creates languages, and plays The Witcher 3.


Farheen is a junior majoring in Information Technology and minoring in English. Although she was born in India, she spent her childhood years in the sunflower state of Kansas. Between observing tornado warnings and watching The Wizard of Oz an unnatural number of times, she began to develop a keen interest in reading and writing. She took this passion with her when she moved to NoVa in her early teens and to this day enjoys consuming and analyzing all types of literature, as well as writing some of her own short stories. Farheen has spent many years tutoring young native speakers and multilingual students in English and is now thankful to use this expertise to work with her peers at George Mason University. Growing up in a bilingual household, she has firsthand experience with the struggles of the English acquisition process and has great respect for multilingual writers at the university level. She understands that writing is a constantly developing process and looks forward to collaborating with students in all the various stages of their work.



Funmi is a Nigerian-American Teaching of Writing and Literacy MA candidate. She and her family migrated from a small village in Ondo State, Nigeria to the wonderful state of Maryland in the late 90s. She currently commutes from Bowie, Maryland to GMU and anticipates having a wonderful experience at Mason. She received her BA from Bowie State University with her concentration being in Language and Literature, and worked as an English tutor for three and a half consecutive years. She absolutely loved it. Funmi’s experience as an undergraduate tutor is what fans the flames of her passion for helping students just like yourself!



Julie is a junior majoring in English with a concentration in literature and minoring in Environmental Science with an interest in conservation. From her writing-intensive courses, she has experience in creating literary analyses, research papers, annotated bibliographies, and lab reports. She grew up in a Vietnamese household during her childhood and learned American Sign Language during her time in high school. Through her language experience, she empathizes with and wants to listen to the various student voices across the university and hopes to instill confidence in writers. Her academic interests include philosophy, religion, creative writing, folklore and mythology, and astronomy. Outside of academia, Julie enjoys watching documentaries, playing PC and mobile games, reading literary classics and dystopian novels, and caring for her pet cat. In the future, she hopes to rescue and rehabilitate animals from farms, confinement, and the streets.


Madison is a sophomore undergraduate majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. While they have a special interest in fiction and creative non-fiction, they also have a background in analytical, argumentative, and research-oriented writing. They were born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, where they spend their summers reading fantasy novels, paddle boarding, and volunteering at the local food bank. At George Mason, they’re a staff member for the Volition Literary and Art Journal, which means they’re contractually obligated to invite anyone reading this to submit their original work and/or attend the journal’s next Open Mic Night.


Millie is a first year MFA candidate studying poetry. As an undergraduate, she majored in English and Philosophy at Utah State University. Raised in Northern Utah, the move to Fairfax has been exciting and bizarre. (Grass grows all by itself here!) She lives with her two gray cats (one large and one regular), Martin and Summer. As a tutor, she seeks to give writers the tools they need to communicate the ideas they are passionate about.


Moubin is a junior majoring in Creative Writing, with a concentration in Fiction and a minor in Journalism. Moubin has been proficient in all of his writing-intensive courses, with knowledge in producing well-crafted analysis essays, reflections, statements, and research papers.  He is prone to sharing in-depth discussions about any and every topic for hours on end, but will work diligently towards helping fellow student-writers with any issues they may have.  Outside of tutoring, Moubin works on writing (and hopefully finishing) the numerous stories and projects he comes up with, sharing and critiquing them with friends, and consuming any good sushi rolls he comes by.


Stephanie is a first year MFA student studying creative nonfiction. Originally from Delaware, she spent the last 5 years living in Baltimore doing odd jobs—working as a film equipment rental tech, a bookseller, and a writer for a marketing company—to name a few. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Film with a minor in Creative Writing from Towson University in 2017. While at Towson, she helped edit Grub Street literary magazine, and has since gone on to work as an editorial intern for Tin House Books. She believes that writing is an inherently collaborative act, and hopes to encourage others to embrace the messiness of the writing process.

Tanya, ESL Specialist

Tanya received her Master's degree in Applied Linguistics from Ohio University. During her graduate program, she tutored and taught academic writing to multilingual writers. Before coming to Ohio University, she had worked as a tutor and instructor of English as a Foreign Language in her home country Ukraine for seven years, helping students of different proficiency levels in English. Tanya's research focuses on lexical, grammatical, and stylistic features in second language writing, technology in language teaching, and English for Academic Purposes. In her free time, she enjoys doing yoga, exercising at a gym, and exploring the D.C. area.


Tara is a second-year graduate student in the Creative Writing MFA program in Fiction. Originally from Pennsylvania, she graduated from Saint Francis University with a degree in English and minors in French, Women’s Studies, and Social Responsibility. She also studied abroad for two semesters in a tiny village in the south of France, and still sorely misses the baguettes. She has previously worked as a writing center tutor and an essay coach, and hopes to help students embrace (and maybe even come to love) writing as a process. When not writing short stories or jotting down ideas for novels, she can usually be found in a warm patch of sunlight, with a book in one hand and a cup of Earl Grey in the other.