The Tutors

Our tutors are accomplished graduate and undergraduate Mason students. Our graduate tutors and undergraduate tutors are talented writers and scholars who come from majors across the university. These are the spring 2021 tutors:


Amanda is a junior undergraduate studying English with a minor in Linguistics and a concentration in Literature. She recently transferred from East Carolina University where she was pursuing a TESOL certificate and hopes to continue that certificate so she can travel the world and teach after graduation. She also previously worked at ECU’s Writing Center, so she’s excited to be back as a tutor and working with new writers at Mason! She loves working with a wide range of writers and getting to learn about all the academic disciplines, but most importantly she hopes to share her love of writing with others through an open and collaborative tutoring process. Outside the classroom she loves writing, playing with her cat and two dogs, watching true crime documentaries, and eating lots of pasta.


Andreana is a Creative Writing student still trying to figure out her concentration with minors in Conservation Studies and Professional and Technical Writing. She’s tutored ever since she was an itty-bitty high school freshman, and even though she’s still itty-bitty, she’s tutored students ranging anywhere from pre-K to the elderly. She loves studying languages, specifically, English, Japanese, and Korean. Andreana also has experience teaching beginner level Korean and would love to get the chance to practice more if anyone is willing to bare it. She’s basically lived in various writing and tutoring centers that she can often call not only a workspace but a second home away from home. If she’s not awake procrastinating at crazy hours of the night or napping under a warm sunspot like a cat, she’s either playing video games, binge-watching YouTube videos, spending time around a backyard campfire with her large family, or trying to squeeze in an hour or two of writing/drawing time.


Angela is a first year MA student in the Teaching Writing and Literature concentration. She recently graduated from Salisbury University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Literature and minored in Film Studies. Before that, she attended community college where she co-founded the English Club that is dedicated to workshopping creative and academic pieces of writing. Her research interests include feminist, queer, and critical race theory. She is excited to help her peers find their voice through the writing process. In the future, she plans to influence a new generation of students to appreciate literature as a teacher. In her free time, she enjoys reading books, watching movies, and taking photographs. Also, to relax she swims and walks her dog, Charles.


Audrey is an undergraduate studying Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction. After attending private school and studying the writing process for six years, she wants nothing more than to help others in said process. She originally came to Mason to study Biology, but that didn’t last long. She is more than happy to experience the types of writing in other disciplines while tutoring, despite being exposed to it in other classes. She sees tutoring as not only an opportunity to help those who need it, but to learn from them. Outside of school, she daydreams about and plots stories that she will (eventually) write. She loves to bake, gush about fictional characters, and show off her extensive amount of Hello Kitty merchandise. She hopes that, one day, her novels will make it to the shelves.


Arlee is an MA student of English, concentrating in Linguistics. He earned his BA in French Language and Literature, with a minor in Linguistics, from the University of Mary Washington. While pursuing his BA, he spent a summer semester studying at IAU in France to immerse himself in his second language. He has studied a wide variety of writing genres: from journalism to literature reviews to scientific research reports. As a student of linguistics, his passion is learning new languages and having conversations with native speakers to learn as much as he can. In his free time, he loves writing informal fanfiction pieces to share with a small circle of friends and often helps them edit drafts before sharing them with the fan community. Otherwise you can find him watching anime, reading an engaging story, or dabbling artistically from time to time.


Bareerah is currently pursuing an MFA in Creating Writing with a concentration in Fiction at George Mason University. She holds a B.Sc. in Economics and Management from the University of London. After graduating, she worked as an A’ Level Economics teacher in Karachi, Pakistan for three years, and also as a part-time Economics teaching assistant for undergraduates at the University of London International Programs. Over the years, Bareerah has built her teaching philosophy around active collaboration. She hopes to make students feel comfortable in speaking their minds and confidently bring their ideas to the table. Bareerah has a special love for languages she hopes to pursue on the side. As of now, she is fluent in Urdu, English and also knows beginner level French. In her free time, she enjoys listening to the Freakonomics Radio podcast, watching reruns of The Office and finding new tunes to play on her guitar.


An International Affairs graduate from The Ohio State University, Ben is a Seattle-area native rehomed in Virginia. Currently, a second-year MFA Fiction Candidate, but before that served three years in the Army and worked an odd array of jobs, from private investigator to personal trainer. He’s very keen to work with writers of all backgrounds, but has experience with research, government, and policy papers. He recently took up skateboarding in response to turning thirty, and when not hard at work on his thesis (a collection of short stories), he can sometimes be found at the Van Dyck Skatepark in Fairfax City. Feel free to say ‘hi’— he’s the guy doing his utter best not to fall.


Camille is a junior studying Global Affairs with a concentration in Media, Communications, and Culture. Their most interesting achievement during their undergraduate journey was teaching two guest lectures on cultural appropriation. Although they always had a love of literature, boredom drove them to write imaginative poems when they needed a break from academics. They spent most of their life in northern Virginia, save for one wild, enlightening year in Tennessee. Camille has a passion for teaching and social justice and one day hopes to advocate for prisoners’ rights and undocumented workers’ rights. When they aren’t on campus, they spend time cuddling their three dogs, reading horror mangas, and dreaming about starting a sanctuary for farm animals.


Cara is a junior majoring in English with a concentration on Writing and Rhetoric. She is also working on a double minor in Business and Psychology because she wants to understand writing in different fields. As she grew up, her mom taught writing and grammar classes on and off, so Cara was surrounded by books from an early age. She quickly fell in love with writing too. In high school, she took an AP English class to test her interest in the subject, and she loved it so much that she became a TA for the class the following year. Cara enjoys the challenge and creativity involved in working with other writers, and she hopes to pursue a career where she can continue to do so. In her free time, she enjoys relaxing, creative hobbies like D&D, drawing, and baking, and she also loves to spend plenty of her day with her dog, Maddie.


Celia is a proud alumna of Northern Virginia Community College (A.A. in Liberal Arts) and George Mason University (BA in English with a concentration in Literature) currently pursuing an MA in English with a concentration in the Teaching of Writing and Literature. After earning her undergraduate degree, Celia worked as a substitute teacher for Fairfax County Public Schools and as a writing tutor at NVCC's Alexandria campus. She is thrilled to be returning to Mason and its writing center, having first served as a tutor there her senior year. In her tutoring sessions, Celia strives to ensure that each person she is privileged to work with leaves feeling more encouraged and empowered as a writer. In her free time, she enjoys reading, drinking earl grey tea, and watching movies.


Delaney is a first-year MFA candidate with a concentration in fiction. She started at Marymount University in 2015, and in 2019, she graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BA in English. She’s served as the VP of MU’s film club, been a judge with George Mason’s Hyperbole Regional Youth Poetry Slam and Festival, and earned an honorable mention for her undergraduate critical essay in VCU’s English Department Writing Awards. Delaney’s creative work has also been printed in several publications, including Compressed, Bottom Shelf Whiskey, From Whispers to Roars, Cleaning Up Glitter Literary Magazine, and Coffin Bell Journal. She loves helping writers develop and hone their ideas, and enjoys working on the ways an essay can flow. Presently, she is interning for Feels Blind Literary Magazine, an online publication seeking to publish the work of anyone identifying with the female experience, and preparing for hand-to-hand combat with Stephen King.


Eddie is a Junior undergraduate majoring in Psychology and is pursuing a minor in Intelligence Analysis. He transferred to Mason from NOVA in the Fall of 2019 and has been involved in several club activities on campus including the Psychology club, Muay Thai club, and the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu club. Eddie is hoping to pursue a career in the federal government and really believes that this job will help him develop interpersonal skills that will help him throughout the rest of his career. He really enjoys the collaborative nature of tutor-student relationships and is more than happy to work with his peers to help them become better writers one session at a time.


Emilie is a first-year student pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction Writing. She graduated from the University of Richmond with a BA in Theatre & Dance and a minor in Creative Writing. She has worked as a scenic designer, stage manager, costumer, stage makeup artist, and scenic painter. She presented at the Southeastern Theatre Conference for her scenic design work for the 2018 UR production of Vinegar Tom. She went on to scenic design for the 2019 UR production of Rapture, Blister, Burn. She received the Margaret Owen Finck Award for Fiction Writing in her last semester of undergrad. For the past year she has been working as a bookseller and Children’s Department Lead at Barnes & Noble. Currently, she is an assistant for the Staunch prize in Crime Fiction, though her literary interests lie in folklore, mythology, magic realism, and fantasy.



Emily is a junior studying Community Health with the goal of being an occupational or physical therapist. She has lived in Virginia all her life and started her college education at NOVA before transferring to Mason. Over the past several summers she helped run a high school Model United Nations camp, which included writing some of the simulations. Emily has always loved writing and hopes to share her enthusiasm for it with others. She is interested in a number of subjects besides Community Health and English and looks forward to working with students on a variety of writing projects. Outside of Mason, Emily volunteers with a therapeutic riding program and enjoys writing fiction stories and making ice cream.


Emma is a veteran tutor and an English MA graduate student, concentrating in Linguistics. Having lived in diverse NoVa all her life, she has always been fascinated with foreign languages, especially Japanese. In the past, she volunteered for the National Cherry Blossom Festival, studied abroad in Japan (where she also climbed Mt. Fuji), and worked for the Virginia Governor's Japanese Academy. Emma has taken a wide variety of courses at Mason, from Romantic Poetry to Global Affairs, and has worked with almost every kind of student. She is a conversational tutor, willing to collaborate with you at any stage of the writing process. In her spare time, Emma tutors K-12 English, writes her own fictional stories, crafts languages, and plays D&D.


Erin is a first year MFA candidate in fiction. She recently graduated with a double major in Creative Writing and Biology from Sweet Briar College, where she was also a TA in the equestrian program and president of the a cappella group. During her undergraduate career, Erin took a variety of English and science courses, and has experience writing in both disciplines. She looks forward to helping writers from any discipline make their writing the best that it can be. When she isn’t writing or catering to her horses’ every whim, she enjoys distance running and reading as many books as possible.


Farheen is an MFA candidate studying fiction. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Mason and has spent many years as a writing tutor both on and off campus. Given her educational background, she is familiar with the various genres of writing in STEM fields and is comfortable tutoring writers from all disciplines. She believes collaboration is a necessary part of the writing process and looks forward to providing feedback and working with you to create the best piece of writing you can. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hanging out with her parakeets, and learning to play the electric guitar.


Gabriela earned her ADN at NVCC and is currently working as a Registered Nurse, who is earning her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN). Though she has spent most of her academic career studying the nursing process along with the human anatomy, she has kept her creative spirit alive through her love of reading, writing, and literature. She is particularly fond of prose and poetry, and appreciates the beauty and magic found in them. As a nurse, she is an educator who values informing and teaching patients. Thus, she is excited to continue her work as an educator by tutoring and guiding students with their academic papers and other works! Her goal is to empower students in their writing while helping them acquire strategies and skills that they may use in the future. Also, with her background in nursing, she hopes her experience in the healthcare field may be helpful for students with STEM backgrounds!  When she is not studying or working, she finds joy in reading, writing, hiking, admiring nature, and spending time with friends and family. 


Ivan is a first-year MFA student in fiction. He received his BA in English with a minor in Italian from UT Austin. Between his BA and his MFA, he worked at an environmental nonprofit and gained experience editing funding proposals and other professional writing. He also had a brief stint giving bike tours of the National Mall (so he’s pretty good at public speaking while sweaty and covered in mosquitoes). Outside of class, Ivan has a layman’s interest in history, linguistics, and astronomy.


Janalyn is studying for her MA in English with a concentration in Linguistics. Her BA is in Interdisciplinary Studies: Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and Global Studies with a minor in Linguistics from Liberty University. She taught English in Thailand (2019) and South Korea (2017). She also developed and currently teaches a public speaking course with an academy in Vietnam. She wants to help writers be confident in their writing and glean useful tools for future writing projects. She believes that learning is better together and strives to encourage students in every step of the writing process. She is conversational (but needs practice) in French and Thai. In her free time she enjoys cooking, playing harmonica, learning languages, snuggling with her kitten named Marvin, and doing research. She also loves helping people achieve their language goals and learn more about how they acquire language.


Kate is a first-year MFA student in Fiction. She graduated from Salisbury University with a BA in English. She currently reads submissions for Typehouse Literary Magazine as a Senior Prose Editor. Having previously worked as a peer tutor and professional writing consultant, she believes in building a strong rapport with students and really digging for the student’s intended message.  She especially loves brainstorming, outlining, asking questions, and hunting for sources. When she’s not working or bugging her cats, she enjoys reading speculative fiction and writing a disturbing mesh of genres. She can also be found crocheting her gigantic Lion King blanket and wondering absently what the heck she’s going to do with it once it’s finished. 


Kayla is a first-year candidate in the MFA program, concentrating in Poetry. She earned her undergraduate degree in English Literature from the University of Alabama. She spent two years teaching ESL in Guangzhou, China- and she misses the authentic boba! In 2016, she joined Teach for America in San Jose, California, working with middle school students. She also earned a Master’s degree in Education in 2018 from Loyola Marymount University. Kayla is excited about the flexible and collaborative sessions at the Writing Center, which are much different from teaching middle school! She is familiar with the many stages of the writing process and is eager to offer support to other writers who are looking for a fresh perspective on their work.


Madi is an undergraduate pursuing a BFA in Creative Writing with a double concentration in Fiction and Poetry. In the fall of 2018, Madi received a grant from George Mason’s Office of Scholarship, Creative Activities, and Research to investigate how biracial individuals make meaning of their identities in a culture that encourages polarity. From the transcripts of these interviews, Madi wrote original poetry so that all people could access and connect to the information. She presented her research at the Cultural Studies Association’s Annual Conference in May of 2019 at Tulane University as one of the youngest presenters. Since then, her biracial identity has become a staple in her writing. As a tutor, she hopes to help writers find their voice but her deepest desire is for everyone to stop drinking coffee and drink tea instead. (Not for health benefits or anything. Coffee just tastes icky.)



Millie is a third-year MFA candidate studying poetry. As an undergraduate, she majored in English and Philosophy at Utah State University, where she also worked for three years as a writing tutor. As a writer herself, she believes that peer feedback is an invaluable part of the writing process. She loves talking about writing almost as much as she loves talking about her cat. 


Miora is a junior undergraduate at GMU majoring in Psychology. She is an alumna of NOVA and looks forward to life at Mason. Having English as a second language, she can understand the difficulties of writing as a nonnative writer. She is motivated to help writers as she wishes someone else would help her when she struggles. Miora likes mystery genre and adores Agatha Christie’s works, which made her appreciate English literature. In her free time, you would see her drawing, learning the Kalimba, playing animal crossing, watching tv-shows, cooking, hiking, or biking. Miora indeed has a lot of hobbies because she is always up for new experiences, so she looks forward on meeting many different writers while working as a proud tutor at GMU. 



Myles is a first-year MFA candidate studying nonfiction. He earned his bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Missouri, where he worked as a reporter for a local newspaper and magazine. His interest in journalism is connected to his passion for learning about history and social issues. He is particularly interested in folklore and visual culture related to the Black experience. As a tutor, he prioritizes individualization to match the needs of any particular student with any particular assignment. In his free time, he likes to cook, read, and relax outdoors.


Natalie is currently in her first year of pursuing her MFA in Nonfiction. She recently graduated with her Bachelor’s in English and a minor in Asian Studies from UNC-Chapel Hill. During her time at Chapel Hill, she served as an editor for three student magazines and worked as an intern on the Arts Everywhere Editorial Board. In the past, Natalie tutored middle school students, but she has set her mind on helping university students in the coming year. She chose to take Business Communications and Grammar in Contemporary English as her writing intensive courses for her English degree, so she has experience writing memos, cover letters, resumes, and business proposals, and she has a very keen eye for grammar. When she’s not analyzing sentence structure or writing personal essays, Natalie enjoys drawing portraits, playing racquetball, and watching hockey games. Go Canes!

Sarah, Graduate Writing Coordinator

A PhD student in the Writing and Rhetoric program, Sarah has published on cognitive strategies for writing consultants, theorizing how mindfulness meditation might be used to optimize consultants' and writers' cognitive loads, and has also co-authored work examining student resistance in digital reflective writing. Her current research focuses on the connections between translingual pedagogy and anti-racist writing assessment. Sarah also teaches English Composition at Mason. She recently spent a year in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, where she taught English and Creative Writing to multilingual high school writers. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from American University, where she was a graduate fellow and interim assistant director in the writing center and taught English composition. Here, at the Mason Writing Center, she provides support for graduate writers working on thesis, dissertation, and academic projects and develops workshops for graduate writers. When she isn't reading, writing, or tutoring, she enjoys running on the Potomac and expanding the reaches of her dog's vocabulary.


Sebastian is a senior undergrad student majoring in Psychology while also pursuing double concentrations in forensic psychology alongside human factors and applied cognition. He was born and raised in the DMV area, but his parents are immigrants from both Cuba and Peru. His unique cultural background provides him with the insight and capability to think outside the box and approach English writing from a non-native standpoint. Not only is he experienced working within scholarly literature such as scientific studies, research articles, and literature reviews, but Sebastian is also an amateur creative with several unpublished short stories. An avid enjoyer of science fiction and historical nonfiction, Sebastian strives to expand his literary horizons through exploring new, different, and unfamiliar genres and works. As a tutor, Sebastian's biggest goal is to help others find their identity and voice as a writer and empower them to write to their fullest potential. In his free time, you will probably catch him either playing his guitar, playing with his puppy, or simply playing one of his favorite video games. Full of energy and eager for discussion, Sebastian is always ready to get to work.


Sehar is a junior undergraduate majoring in Government and International Politics with a minor in Legal Studies. Before deciding her major, she took classes in Biology, Psychology, Economics, Spanish, and English, giving her a multidisciplinary background in writing while also showing her what she didn't want to major in. Coming from a bilingual family and having taken Spanish composition courses, she understands the struggles of writing in another language and looks forward to work with GMU's diverse student body. As a tutor, she believes tutoring goes both ways and never leaves a session without learning something new and hopes you all feel the same!


Victoria (she/her/hers) is a first year MFA candidate with a concentration in Poetry. She has earned a BA in English from George Mason University, with a concentration in Creative Writing. She is a managing editor and staff writer of The Forge, George Mason’s Sci-Fi magazine. She is a reader for Stillhouse Press, and has had her work published in a handful of journals. After shifting from a Conservation Biology degree to an English degree, Victoria focused on learning as much as she could about the publishing industry. As a tutor, she believes that working with the writer and supporting their individual needs are what makes an engaging writing session. When she is not working or studying, Victoria can be found writing about folklore and poetry, or working on her Spanish language skills.