Definite and Indefinite Articles Worksheet

  • Singular count nouns (nouns that can be counted) take either “a/an” (unspecified) or “the” (specified): “a” dog versus “the” dog.
  • Plural count nouns (nouns in their plural form) take either no article if a general remark is being made about the category or “the” if reference is made to a particular person or thing: “snakes” versus “the” snakes.
  • Non-count nouns (collective nouns) may be specified or unspecified. Use no article whenever they are unspecified and referred to generally; use “the” to specify a non-count noun: “time” versus “the” time.

Fill in the blanks with “a,” “an,” “the,” or nothing:

  1. I need a book about ____ medicine.
  2. ____ medicine I took relieved my cough.
  3. ____ milk is sour.
  4. Flowers bloom in ____ spring.
  5. Please buy ____ milk.
  6. I ordered ____ bottle of wine with dinner.
  7. ____ spring is my favorite season.
  8. ____ snakes swim in the creek.
  9. ____ snake that I saw last night is still there.
  10. ____ report that I finished yesterday is missing!
  11. Did you write ____ report about interest rates that is on my desk?
  12. She answered ____ phone in the kitchen.
  13. She asked to borrow ____ phone from one of her friends.
  14. Please point ____ camera away from the sun when you use it.
  15. I would like ____ camera for my birthday.
  16. ____ monkeys usually like to eat bananas.
  17. The zookeeper fed ____ monkeys.
  18. Would you like ____ pet monkey?
  19. ____ money earned should not be wasted.
  20. Did he pay you ____ money he owed you?
  21. You could buy her ____ jewelry for her birthday.
  22. I put ____ jewelry in the safe.
  23. ____ fish tastes delicious when it is grilled.
  24. Did you catch ____ fish that is in the bucket?
  25. Some insects found in the tropics may carry ____ diseases.
  26. 26, Did the doctor diagnose ____ disease she contracted?
  27. Actually, she was diagnosed with ____ cancer, but it is curable.
  28. ____ cancers that are caught early are usually treatable.
  29. ____ beauty means different things to different people.
  30. ____ beauty of summer is that the days are long and warm.
  31. ____ research you did is good, but we need a lot more information.
  32. ____ research in the field of nanotechnology is relatively new.
Last updated 10/4/2010
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